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  • Maine Geological Survey : Yes, Earthquakes happen in Maine! This link takes you to up-to-the-minute information on location, timing and severity of every little tremor you feel under your feet. Even though we’re not on a major fault, the bedrock of Maine has many smaller fault lines, so an earthquake can happen virtually anywhere, and does! Also contains links for reporting when you’ve experienced an earthquake.

  • Whole Lotta Shakin Going On : Here’s something different! What do you think should be a seismologist’s favorite song?

  • Earthquakes 101/National Geographic : A 5 minute video that gets into the basics of earthquake causes and occurrences.

  • Biggest Earthquakes of 2019 : A great video that explains some history and the results of these quakes.

  • Volcanoes Right Here In Maine : We all know that the rocks and mountains we see around us are the result of geologic activity and the ice age, but did you know that volcanoes played a role a well? In fact, some of the largest eruptions in the world took place right here! The type of seismic activity that took place here in Maine are impressive – and haven’t been seen in more than 2.5 million years!

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